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ICI Prospectus

Frame25 Productions was approached by representatives of the Investable Commodity Index to assemble a brochure which they could feel proud to present to investors. A high-end product for a high-end client. Their investment product was a high-value, niche index fund of real commodities, and their prospectus needed to provide an easy-to-follow overview of the concept and performance numbers. We took their spreadsheets and generated custom graphs of the fund performance, chose a deep-blue color meant to appeal to the institutional investor, designed a custom logo which used the product's letters to produce a classical columnar effect which suggests the solidity of the banking industry.

ICI prospectus cover

We provided a distinctive look, while saving the client on production costs, by employing a two-color (black and dark blue inks) printing process with carefully adjusted duotone imagery throughout. In this way, the dark blue interiors were 100% solid (instead of the dot-pattern of a normal full-color production process), images had a powerful blue-black tinting, and money was saved that we spent in creating a beautiful white embossing of the front-cover ICI logo, plus a special "spot" glossing on the rectangular images on each page which made them stand out and subtly provided depth. We researched and then settled on a special offset-pages cutting and folding technique, where each page of the brochure was a different size, so that they were staggered along the right side to provide labeled full-height "tabs" which a reader could use to quickly open to the desired page.

ICI prospectus pages

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