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Summer Shakes festival program

For many years, Frame25 Productions has been responsible for the playbill of the annual Hampton Roads Shakespeare Festival, a production of Summer Shakes. This regional festival features a mainstage outdoor theater performance, plus children's theater and other associated educational and Shakespearean-themed events. Summer Shakes is a semi-professional nonprofit theater group, and as such needed quality work done on a tight budget. As with any such combination, some bells and whistles must be cut, and they relied upon us to do so without compromising the quality of the work. Programs were printed in a single color of ink to save production costs, and cover papers were carefully chosen out of remaindered stock. As with all our projects, the client got a little more than they paid for, as we designed custom logos and advertisments whenever needed and went out of our way to create a top-notch product.

Summer Shakes program covers

Interior pages ranged from 20 to 36 pages, and each year adjustments were made to make the program fit the requirements of that year's productions and budget.

Summer Shakes program pages

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