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Venture Inward Magazine

In 2007, Frame25 Productions took over all layout and prepress for Venture Inward magazine, a bi-monthly full-color periodical about health, self-improvement, and spiritual growth. We are responsible for all aspects of its design and layout, from cover to typography.

Venture Inward magazine cover

As is typical of magazine production, we have rigorous timetables to meet and production schedules to adhere to, and enjoy the challenge of meeting these strict deadlines. We work closely with the magazine's editors and contributors in order to make design decisions which reflect the particular needs of the articles and the mission of the publication. We created a consistent design motif and in each issue we maintain it across pages, strengthening the magazine's identity and public appeal.

Venture Inward magazine pages

The magazine is laid out in InDesign. We work with the printer closely to guarantee quality output, and can work with all major software as needed (InDesign, Quark, Acrobat, etc.) to get any project finished according to the most demanding standards.

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