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Beech Tree Labs

Beech Tree Labs is a small startup medical/biotech firm, doing research into new genetic techniques designed to treat a variety of diseases. The site they asked for needed to meet a modest budget, no bells and whistles, with a sober, text-based presentation. The client wanted to highlight silver and red to represent both scientific objectivity and energetic results. Per client request, subtle graphical elements hint at DNA and electrical waves. We created an easy-to-navigate site, organized under a drop-down menu system, with a special callout box in the upper left to function as a table of contents for each section of the site.

Beech Tree Labs page image   Beech Tree Labs page image

Beech Tree Labs page image

This site is a "static" site, where the pages were designed and stay the same for long periods of time, with only occasional manual updates to the news pages, which we perform for the client.

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