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Hampton Roads Publishing Company

Hampton Roads Publishing is a publishing house specializing in topics like alternative medicine, self-help, and spiritual growth. Several years ago, they hired Frame25 to handle webmastering duties, and it quickly became apparent the site was inadequate for many of the basic tasks it was intended to handle. Its "online bookstore" was regularly malfunctioning and had broken pages; its news and updates sections were difficult to reach and chronically out of date; and as you can see from the screenshot below right, several pages were simply listed as being "under construction" for months at a time. The design was amateurishly haphazard even by the standards of the time, and they were eager to proceed with a redesign.

Hampton Roads Publishing page image   Hampton Roads Publishing page image

A new site was built from the ground up, designed around a unifying color scheme and and built around a new--fully functional--bookstore. The bookstore's database of books, authors, reviews, excerpts, and timetables became the spine for the entire site, so that recent and upcoming releases could be dynamically cycled in real time through various pages, and author/book information was automatically tied into an Author Events Calendar and other features. News and updates were generated automatically as events were entered by authors through a password-protected author interface, and company, or entered by company personnel as featured "In the Spotlight" news or bookstore alerts.

Hampton Roads Publishing page image   Hampton Roads Publishing page image

We also installed mailing-list software for the company to communicate with customers, and designed hidden features for authors to communicate with the company. We later added on a WordPress blog, seamlessly integrated with the site, for editors to post news and opinions.

Hampton Roads Publishing page image

The site also featured multimedia, with sound clips and video clips wherever a book has accessory material of that kind. Here is a working instance of the audio player shown in the upper-left screenshot; feel free to press Play to try it out (Flash plugin required):

The Flash player above was designed and coded specifically for this site. The site also features embedded video; here is a live example of one of the videos embedded on the site:

This site is a "dynamic" site, in that most of the pages are generated dynamically based on information from the bookstore database, and only on rare occasions is hand-coding required or manual page changes. Dynamic sites generally have larger start-up costs but lower maintenance costs and are ideal for sites where information will need to be regularly updated or added.

The company was sold recently and the website, was retired in favor of a subsection of the parent company's site.

Attribution note: audio files for the Flash player above are samples of the music performances of Dawn Bailiff, author of a Hampton Roads Publishing title, as posted on the Hampton Roads Publishing site. The video is produced and copyrighted by author Jenniffer Weigel.

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