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Luthiel's Song

Luthiel's Song is a fantasy novel by author Robert Marston Fannéy. This website was created to provide an online companion to the book, a destination for fans, journalists, libraries, and schools to find out more about the novel and its author. The graphic design was rendered using the design of the printed book as a model, and has a smattering of features such as drop-down menus, a small media player, and a contact form which helps prevent spam and detects malformed-mail-header attacks for security.

Luthiel's Song page image   Luthiel's Song page image

The site also features a full WordPress blog with popup image galleries:

Luthiel's Song page image

This site is a hybrid between "static" and "dynamic"--most of it is static pages, where the pages were designed and stay the same for long periods of time, while the blog section is fully dynamic and updated at will by the author.

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