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MaliciousRC was commissioned by a radio-controlled-racing enthusiast who desired a community site where he and his fellow hobbyists to gather, discuss news, review products, socialize, schedule racing events, and more. He wanted his site to look hip and energetic, a departure from many of the more sober sites we are asked to design. Another community portal site, this was built on a content-management system which allows him to publish and edit content at will, and fully administer and alter his site as it pleases him.

MaliciousRC page image

The site features adminstrator- and visitor-uploaded embedded video content, which is sent to the server in a variety of common camcorder and digital-video formats (Quicktime, Windows Media, etc.) and automatically converted by the server into universally accessible Flash video format, like that used on YouTube. The site also features lively discussion forums, polls, RSS feeds, and more.

Venture Bus Tours page image   Venture Bus Tours page image

This site is a "dynamic" site, where all pages are generated on the fly based on the updates, published content, and RSS feeds, with no need for our intervention, except for administrative advice and guidance, and the occasional custom-coded add-on module as a separately-billed project.

(Note: The site owner disbanded his online racing community and so the site is no longer available to browse online.)

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