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Vantage Consulting Group

Vantage Consulting Group is an investment consulting firm which services large pension funds, high-net-worth individuals, and other high-end financial trading and investment-management clients. The company needed an overhauled online presence in order to impact new clients and serve existing ones by publishing regular market updates and other reports. Their site, like their company, was to be lean and straightforward, to project competence and efficiency and appeal to the financial sector. The final design used subtle pinstriping, and a homepage graphic that, despite appearing a single action shot, was extensively handcrafted out of several custom-licensed images of yachting and landscape photography. The homepage also prominently features excerpts from the latest publications, all of which can be uploaded by the client and instantly appear on the site in the sidebars, homepage, and Resources pages.

Vantage Consulting Group page image

The site is built on a content-management platform so the client can easily log in and modify pages, a crucial feature for language changes for regulatory compliance. Interior pages follow a simple, consistent page design, with a "tab" navigation metaphor:

Vantage Consulting Group page image   Vantage Consulting Group page image

This site is a "dynamic" site, built on a database platform which allows the client to update pages as needed without designer intervention.

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