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Venture Bus Tours

Venture Tours is a major supplier of bus transportation for tour groups, sports teams, private parties, and charter trips. They feature luxury coaches, trolleys, and large charter buses, and hired Frame25 Productions to provide a much-needed update to their website. Their existing site had poorly-made graphics, broken links, missing images, and a confusing layout with redundant pages:

Venture Bus Tours page image   Venture Bus Tours page image

In addition to a complete graphical redesign, using visual cues from the custom decals and paint jobs from the buses themselves, we worked with the client to reorganize the entire site into a logical structure which customers would find consistent and easy to navigate. The many pages--some of which were hidden from navigation on the old site and difficult to reach--were organized under five main categories: Home, Our Company, Vehicles & Drivers, Trips & Tours, and Customer Service. The two pages below are the redesigned versions of the pages displayed above:

Venture Bus Tours page image  Venture Bus Tours page image

Other pages were written from scratch to flesh out the informational content of the site. A contact form was created to prevent spam. Pages with contact and address information had live Google maps embedded, and dynamic dissolving slideshows were created for coach-information pages--slideshows which revert to normal pictures for visitors who do not have JavaScript enabled. All graphics were custom-created to reflect the company's identity and echo the general design and color schemes of the coaches.

Accessibility and Standards

The site was coded to modern standards of accessibility, so that visitors who are visually impaired or otherwise viewing the site in a text-based format without the fancy graphics will still see a correctly-formatted, logically arranged, and very easy-to-follow simplified version:

Venture Bus Tours page image

Our website designs are always created to maximize their accessibility to the handicapped, to text-only readers, and to optimize their compatibility with different browsers and operating systems.

Venture recently brought their design back in-house so this layout is no longer live, but as with many other clients, we were pleased to bring them up to date!

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